Hi, I'm Dia...and I love to play with colors! I am a mixed media artist who enjoys working with different materials on paper, canvas and walls. I am a seeker of that which is beyond the obvious and I like to make small moments visible. I hope my paintings bring you that same spark of magic I feel while creating. 
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              why paint

 I see art as a magical process and tool to immerse completely in the present moment.

I’m constantly searching and exploring new elements of painting, such as shape and texture in all their intensity and nuances. To me each painting is a journey, with my current feelings, thoughts and emotions which at the end becomes a story to share. I love to add symbols and positive elements as a visual invitation for contemplation and inner reflection.

White with Aqua Brush Stroke Personal Logo (23)
White with Aqua Brush Stroke Personal Logo (14)
ART is where WORK meets LOVE.

When it comes to the process, I get into a flow and can be there for hours enjoying great music as well as creative private time. Most of my paintings convey a positive message, they are vibrantly colorful and often created with layers of interesting texture.  I derive inspiration from nature, people and all the interesting things I’ve experienced during my travels – sights, music, colors, shapes – they all have been an inspiration for my paintings.

The Kiss, Klimt, mosaic interpretation, recycled art, Diana Munteanu (2)
Short CV
Exhibitions & Awards
2022- Group exhibition, ' When ContempArt helps Social', Creart Gallery, Bucharest
2021- Solo exhibition, 'Reconnection ', Cluj Art Gallery, Cluj
2021- Group exhibition, 'Dead Green screaming ', Cluj Art Gallery, Cluj
2021 - Group exhibition, 'Romanian Colors ', Nikola Petrov Gallery, Vidin, Bulgaria
2021 - Group exhibition 'Replicas', Cluj Art Gallery
2021- Group exhibition 'Summer Vibes', Cluj Art Gallery
2021- Group exhibition, Mestre Venice; D.E.M Venice Art Gallery
2021- 3rd prize award at International Art Competition ' Ion Popdan', Satu Mare            
2021- Group exhibition, Cluj-Napoca Urban Culture Center Casino     
2020 - Group exhibition, Can Art Design Festival, Bucharest   
2018- Group exhibition 'Imbalance', Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper. “ - W.B. Yeats

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